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Judy has been an EFT/TAPPING practitioner for 14 years” working with clients from all over the U.S. and beyond, doing sessions on Skype, Zoom, phone, as well as in person at her home office. Contact Judy at judy@judywhitcraft.com to set up a complementary 30 min phone consul to see if she is the practitioner for you

About Judy

I have been an EFT practitioner for over 11 years and have done thousands of one-on-one client sessions. I love the magic that occurs so very often. I have led many workshops and also led series of  teleclasses.

 I have presented many classes to Psychotherapists to receive CEU’s.

I have also been assistant to two of the top trainers in the US at their certified classes.

My strong point is finding the core issues of anger, sadness, low self esteem, etc. and working with the issue at the level where it began so many years ago where it got stuck.  I use Matrix Reimprinting as I work with the “child part” of the client that learned to be angry, scared, numb sad, or other emotional pain. Adding Matrix Reimprinting with EFT gives another level of positive changes that many think are miraculous.

My clients are surprised at the clarity and changes that our tapping produces.

I offer a 30 minute free consultation to see if I am the practitioner for you.

Email judy@judywhitcraft.com

Judy Whitcraft

Specializes in discovering underlying causes of emotional pain and in bringing relief to deep-seated suffering and self-sabotage.

Judy combines EFT/TAPPING with Matrix Reimprinting to support you to change how you feel at a deep, deep level. When used together, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting become truly amazing!

The following articles written by Judy, have been published in Gary Craig’s newsletter.

EFT Stops Heavy Bleeding with no Medicine or Doctor Visit
Why Do We Forget to Tap in the Moment for an Injury?
Teenagers Intense Fear of Storms - Still Calm Three Years Later
Full Blown Asthma Attack Calmed in 10 minutes
Surrogate Tapping after Pipe Bomb Scare at School
Mary’s Arthritic Finger
Surrogate Tapping for Hank Before the Plane Trip

EFT Stops Heavy Bleeding with no Medicine or Doctor Visit

My client “Sandra,” called saying she needed an emergency phone session, as she was bleeding, and the medical professionals had told her to go to the emergency room. My first thought was, “You DO need to go to the emergency room, this is not the place for EFT.” However, there was more to the story. Sandra was experiencing very, very heavy menstrual bleeding. This had happened before, and she had gone to ER which did not help. The medicine also had not helped. She had had to let the bleeding run its course, and ended up anemic for months. Also, Sandra did not have medical insurance. There was no way she would consider going to the ER.

Sandra is very intelligent and very in touch with her emotions and how they affect her body. She was convinced that this bleeding episode was triggered from the past weekend’s upset with in-laws visiting for 2 days. The in-laws, as usual, had berated her and used vulgar language, and her husband had chimed in with them. She was very distraught that the father of her two small children had dishonored her once again. We worked for an hour with that upset. We did not do EFT statements at all for the bleeding itself.

Some examples of the set up statements are:
“Even though it is so painful that my husband does not stand up for me, I choose to honor and love myself anyway.”
“Even though this weekend was so stressful, and I feel like I am at the end of my rope, I choose to honor and love myself anyway.”
“Even though the words that were said to me, cut me to the core, and I feel like I have all these open wounds, I choose to honor and love myself anyway.”

We also did specific work on the hurtful words/phrases that were said, releasing the attached emotion, bringing the SUDS levels from 10’s to 0’s.

I called her two hours after our session to check on her, and she said the bleeding had decreased by 50%. She was relieved and grateful to her body for responding. I checked in the next day, and it had decreased another 25%, which left the bleeding at her normal heavy cycle.

She never went to the doctor, or the ER, or took medicine, and we never tapped directly on the issue of the heavy bleeding.

We both knew there must be core issues that we had not explored. In later sessions, we worked on the molestation she endured when she was a 4-7 year old child. She now reports that when she thinks about that early time, there is no emotion attached to it.

The following is a letter I received from Sandra 4 months later after she had gone through 3 more menstrual cycles. Keep in mind that her very heavy periods had been occurring for decades.

Hi Judy,
Overall, my periods are probably 25% lighter than they used to be before our EFT session. That is a HUGE thing for me, since I used to wake up in the morning in a little pool of blood (gross, I know). I haven't had my blood count checked in a while, but it's quite possible that I'm not anemic like I used to be in the past.

Plus, my PMS is almost gone as well. I used to have a "crying day" just before my period would start, and everyone around me learned to stay away, ha-ha. This month, however, my husband was truly shocked when I announced that I needed to run to the store to pick up some feminine supplies as I was running out, b/c he didn't even realize I already had my period for a couple of days... He said , "But you were just your normal self the other day, I can't believe it! You didn't try to pick a fight and you didn't cry at all!" :)
Thank you so very much for this incredible change, Sandra

Respectfully submitted, Judy Whitcraft EFT-ADV


Why Do We Forget to Tap in the Moment for an Injury?

When I called my client Sharon to verify an appointment time, she answered her phone and was having another conversation on her cell phone. She finished that conversation, and then told me she had called her paramedic brother to see what she should do with the pinkie finger that she had burned an hour earlier on her curling iron.
Her brother told her nothing could be done.
I asked her if she wanted me to tap with her for it. Sharon said, “Sure, I hadn’t even thought of that.” (Although she has tapped with success for her own allergies, and for her toddler.)
The pain level was a 5, and when she touched it, the pain level was a 10. It was already blistered.

Set up on karate chop – 3x - “Even though my pinkie finger really hurts, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though my pinkie finger really hurts, I apologize to my finger for burning it. Even though I should have been more careful, I forgive myself.”
We then tapped down the points two continuous rounds with “ pain in my little finger.” eyebrow, side of eye, under eye, under nose, chin, collarbone, under arm, top of head.
Sharon then reported the pain was at a 0 even when she touched it.
We did another round on “Even though I think it might hurt later, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
Nothing fancy. Just basic EFT.
Two days later, Sharon reported that there had been NO more pain The area where the initial blister had been was a small line.

I could give you many more instances of times I have used EFT, at the moment of the injury, that have completely taken the pain away, have eliminated black and blue marks, swelling and redness. There are many instances in Gary’s newsletters. My point is that PEOPLE FORGET TO DO IT IN THE MOMENT ! I think that by doing EFT in that moment, the “pain/shock trauma” is released and never gets stuck in the body. Even if it doesn’t heal it completely, it moves the healing along with greater velocity.

So my homework for all of you reading this article - if you choose to accept it - is REMEMBER and DO EFT next time you have a fall, a burn, a jammed finger, a sprain, pulled muscle, etc. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Respectfully submitted, Judy Whitcraft


Teenagers Intense Fear of Storms - Still Calm Three Years Later

14 year old Ashley had been terrorized by thunderstorms since she was small.
Even if it was just raining, she would go to the basement. If her parents were gone, she would call them and keep them on the phone until they got home.
Thunderstorms during the night would wake her up, and she would scream until her parents came in her room and took her to sleep with them the rest of the night. (She wouldn’t leave her room by herself, as she was afraid something was going to get her)

One afternoon, I worked with Ashley for 20 minutes on her intense fear of storms.
“Even though the sound of rain scares me, I’m a good kid anyway.”
“Even though I think the thunder is going to get me, I’m an awesome kid.”
“Even though I panic when it rains, I know it is just water, and I choose to feel safe.”

We did several rounds while testing the intensity 1-10 in her imagination, until she got it down to 0.

About a week later, during a thunderstorm in our area, I called their home. Ashley answered the phone. I asked her what she was doing. She said, “Baking cookies.”
I said, “You are in the kitchen, baking cookies, during this thunderstorm?” She answered, “Yes.”

A few weeks after that, Ashley was a leader at a Girl Scout event outdoors in a camping situation. Inclement weather appeared, complete with tornado warnings and the sirens going off. When the storm had passed, Ashley called her mother to let her know everyone was all right and not to worry. When her mother asked her how she did during the storm, Ashley reported that she had been busy keeping the younger girls safe and calm. Complete shift in how she would have previously reacted.

That was three years ago, and Ashley is still calm when it rains and thunders, and now sleeps calmly through thunderstorms in her own bed.
The family is very grateful.
Respectfully submitted, Judy Whitcraft EFT-ADV


Full Blown Asthma Attack Calmed in 10 minutes

When I arrived at the front door of my neighbor, Rhonda, her husband answered the door and said Rhonda was having one of her asthma attacks and couldn’t breathe. Her husband said these full blown asthma attacks happen a couple times a year, and nothing much helps (including medicine or inhaler) except to wait it out for hours.
I walked into the living room, and asked Rhonda if I could try acupressure tapping on her to see if it would help. Rhonda had no idea what I was talking about, but was up for any relief and shook her head yes.
I took her hand, tapping on the karate chop, doing the set up and phrases by myself, as Rhonda could not talk.
“Even though I can’t breathe, I accept myself and my body.
Even though I can’t breathe, my lungs are doing the best they can.
Even though I can’t breathe, I am grateful my lungs are working hard.”
I tapped on her down the negative tapping points saying:
eyebrow: “constricted breathing. “
outside eye: “can’t breathe”
under eye: “constricted breathing”
under nose: ”can’t breathe”
chin” “constricted breathing”
collarbone: can’t breathe”
under arm” constricted breathing”
top of head: “can’t breathe”

After one round Ronda was breathing considerable slower and not gasping for breath. I did the next round, and this time Rhonda could repeat the words. I used the same set up and negative round, adding “remaining constricted breathing” After three more rounds, with each getting more and more significant results, Ronda jumped out of the chair, ran down the hall, yelling, “ I only have ½ hour to get ready for work. See you later. Thanks”

In a matter of 10 minutes, using very simple words and EFT tapping, a debilitating asthma attack was calmed, and the lady who thought she was going to have to miss work that day, was running down the hall to jump into the shower.
Respectfully submitted by Judy Whitcraft


Surrogate Tapping after Pipe Bomb Scare at School by Judy Whitcraft EFT-ADV www.judywhitcraft.com

There was a pipe bomb scare at the middle school in our small community. It was real. One of the boys had made a pipe bomb, brought it to school and was discovered. The students were kept in their classrooms, (don’t ask me why !), the bomb squad came, took the pipe bomb away, and all the children were physically safe. Later they were told that the pipe bomb was equal to 1/3 stick of dynamite and had been very dangerous.

Jason, the son of one of my friends, was a student who saw and heard much that day. That evening Jason, who is a strong school athlete, and a farm kid, and is used to “toughing it out”, was visibly shaken. His parents did their best to calm him as Jason told about the upsetting events of the day. Jason lay in his bed that night begging not to have to go to school.
The next day Jason again begged to stay home from school, complaining of an upset stomach. Once at school, the stomach upset persisted and Jason called home, wanting his parents to come get him. His mother called the assistant principal and asked if he could talk to Jason. Then she called me, explained the situation and the details Jason had given them, and asked me if I could surrogate tap for him. Once off the phone, I spent 30 minutes tapping on myself as I imagined Jason in my mind.

Setups while tapping on my karate chop:
“I am Jason, and even though yesterday was really scary, I’m a good kid anyway.”
“I am Jason, and even though it WAS a live pipe bomb, and I know the kid that made it, I am safe and so is everyone else.”
“I am Jason, and even though I saw Tim’s dad in the hallway in a bomb suit, and that was really scary, I’m a good kid, and I’m ok.”

I used the following negative reminders down the tapping points from top of of head through under arm, moving to new point at each phrase, and then started over:
“yesterday was really scary, we had to sit in our classrooms and hear all the commotion in the hall, I saw Tim’s dad in the hallway in a bomb suit, it was really scary, my stomach is going crazy, I know the kid that made the pipe bomb, I thought he was an ok kid, how could I be so wrong, will it ever be safe again at school, my stomach is going crazy, so dangerous at school, one minute normal, and the next minute I might be blown up, my stomach is going crazy, I don’t want to be at school, it is not safe, what is going to happen next, the pipe bomb was real, the bomb squad took it away, it was real, it could have killed all of us, it could have killed all of us, it could have killed all of us.”

Then I did affirmative rounds down all tapping points” “I am safe, it all turned out ok, I am safe, we are all ok, I am safe, I can be calm now, I am safe, I am ok. I can relax, I am safe.

I continually tapped on those phrases over and over, for half an hour.

It took about an hour from when the mom called the assistant principal until he called Jason into the office. In the meantime, I had done the surrogate tapping. By that time, Jason was calm. The assistant principal reported back to Mom that all was well. At noon, Jason’s father met Jason in the school cafeteria for lunch to see how he was doing. Jason was fine, his stomach was calm, and ate lunch easily. Jason did not ask to come home.

It has been 4 weeks since, and Jason has not brought up the incident, and has not asked to stay home from school. When others ask him about it, he reports what happened and calmly says they are not letting the (pipe bomb) boy come back to school.

Thank you Gary and EFT and the Universe for this amazing tool.

Respectfully submitted, Judy Whitcraft EFT-ADV www.judywhitcraft.com


Mary’s Arthritic Finger submitted Mar 16, 2009

My 76 year old friend Mary had a left index finger that had been bent over in a “C” position with arthritis for months. She couldn’t even straighten it by using her other hand to move it. I had just learned EFT from Gary’s manual that week, and did 3 rounds of basic EFT for Mary’s finger. “Even though my index finger won’t go straight, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Each round got the finger a little straighter. By the third round she could extend it completely (with no help from the other hand.) She went running into the kitchen to her son exclaiming “Look at my finger, look at my finger ! “ Mary is now 80 years old. Four years later, her finger is still mobile. The crook in the finger never returned.
Using EFT for myself and others, and watching the miracles, has been a daily occurrence ever since.

Thank you Gary for making it easy, Judy Whitcraft EFT-ADV www.judywhitcraft.com


Surrogate Tapping for Hank Before the Plane Trip by Judy Whitcraft EFT-ADV www.judywhitcraft.com

For the 25 years of their marriage, “Tara’s” husband “Hank” was petrified of flying. He would do it, but would be jittery and grouchy days before it was time to leave. Tara would put off packing just so he wouldn’t be reminded and go into a frenzy.
Tara said Hank would not seek any help for his fear, except for taking a xanax and sleep the whole way. He would sit in the airport waiting area, silent, hands clenched on his thighs with a terrified look. Tara thought control was the main issue. Tara agreed it was worth a try to surrogate tap for him.

Note that I never talked to or tapped on Hank. The tapping was done between Tara on I over the phone.

The day before the trip Tara and I surrogate tapped for Hank for about 15 minutes. Then we surrogate tapped for Hank the afternoon of the flight for about 5 minutes.

Tara repeated these set up phrases after me:
“I am Hank, and even though I am petrified of flying, the plane is out of my control, I choose to be calm and relaxed during our flight anyway.”
“I am Hank, and even though I get anxious just thinking about flying, I accept all these feelings, and choose to be surprised how calm I am this time.”
“I am Hank, and even though I hate this out of control feeling, I ask my mind and body to find a creative way to be calm.”

Negative Reminder phrases :
“This is out of my control,” “I hate things out of control,” “this plane could crash.”

Positive reminder phrase :
“I choose to be calm and relaxed anyway”

Here is the letter I received from Tara after their trip.

Dear Judy,
Hank was normal (very very nervous) that day leading up to our flight that evening. I suggested we leave early for the airport, get checked in and have a margarita and a snack at the bar. He agreed.
He drove us to the airport; we had a pleasant drive down, talking and I began to notice him relax. By the time we got parked and checked in, then to the bar for that margarita, he was laughing and we were having a great time. He did eventually take a xanax, but not until 20 minutes before the flight. But instead of sleeping all the way there, he read a book, looked out the window-- appeared very relaxed, did not sleep at all. No hand clenching; gritting teeth; fear of death look on his face. After we got to Burbank he admitted he actually had a good time. The trip home a few days later was much the same. Not happy about flying, but actually relaxed. I can give you a very resounding YES, He was very different!!!

I was thrilled to finally travel with my husband and have fun, instead of every single past trip of nursing him along and praying he wouldn't bolt before the plane took off.
It made a HUGE difference. Very noticeable to me, as his 'caretaker'. Thank you again so much! --- Tara

Tara also told me that even though Hank was calm before the flight coming home, he did take a xanax. I would surmise that Hank was experiencing “fear of the fear.” He was so accustomed to being afraid, that he automatically took the calming medicine, even though he was already calm. EFT can also address “fear of the fear quite nicely.” Tara and I can do that before the next trip !

Respectfully submitted, Judy Whitcraft EFT-ADV


I am a member of The Gary Craig Optimal EFT Course: www.emofree.com.