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Before using the EFT techniques on yourself or others, please read the following:

The technique which will be taught is experimental. While there are theories as to how it works, why it works and why it sometimes does not work, there is no accepted scientific explanation. EFT is gentle and easy to use. To date it has yielded remarkable results for relieving emotional and physical distress. While so far there have not been any reports of distressing side effects to my knowledge, it does not mean that you will not discover side effects for yourself. IF YOU INTEND TO USE THIS TECHNIQUE, YOU MUST AGREE TO TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS WHILE APPLYING THIS TECHNIQUE. This technique may bring to the surface other issues that need addressing, perhaps ones you may not be aware of. This happens rarely, but can occur and you may wish to consult a trained practitioner.

If you continue reading through this page and apply this technique, you are agreeing to take full responsibilities for yourself and others when applying the EFT technique, and shall neither hold Gary Craig, myself nor anyone else associated with EFT responsible for any adverse side effects or outcomes.



I am a member of The Gary Craig Optimal EFT Course: www.emofree.com.