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Judy is a powerful and loving practitioner of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. Her sessions have helped me to overcome a 6 year fear of driving after a frightening incident. Judy has a unique way of sensing intuitively just what I need in order for me to receive wonderful results. She asks the right questions, follows up with thought filled words and spiritual insight that continues the healing journey. She is non-judgemental in her approach, caring and enthusiastic about her craft. I consider myself to be blessed to have connected with Judy, the relief and healing of the issues we have worked on have moved me toward a greater peace.

Judy Whitcraft
Specializes in discovering underlying causes of emotional pain and in bringing relief to deep-seated suffering and self-sabotage.

Judy combines EFT/TAPPING with Matrix Reimprinting to support you to change how you feel at a deep, deep level. When used together, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting become truly amazing!

The following email is from a lovely lady that has done 8 sessions with me, and plans to do more soon. Even though she is a kind, generous, thoughtful person, she has literally believed “I am a bad person” to an intensity level 10, for almost all of her 65 years. Even though she has gotten help from professionals for decades, this self hatred occurred automatically daily and obviously influenced every part of her life including relationships, health and emotional well-being. I am grateful she is allowing me to share her email note, her history, and her name. ---- Judy

  “ My self-hatred still pops up occasionally, but rarely-thanks to you. I think of you often. I use our work to help me with positive self-talk. It definitely helps. Thank you for everything.” Frankie Lou

I've worked with a lot of EFT practitioners over the years and keep coming back to Judy. She's helped me with so many personal issues with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. More than anyone else I've ever worked with, she helped me overcome blocks to financial success. My business really took off after just one session with her. I love Judy's super-positive attitude, her insight and intuition and she really knows her EFT and Matrix. Do yourself a favor and book a series of sessions with this lady. She'll help you change your life in short order. --- Rob N Santa Rosa, CA

Judy has an uncanny ability to get to the root issues, and works very quickly using her great sense of humor, playfulness and joyful spirit to bring relief and healing to every situation I have brought to her. She is truly gifted. - Lori

I participated in an EFT teleconference with Judy for eight weeks and she was able to get to the root of the issue for all the class members who volunteered to work during class time. In my private session with her, I was amazed to get to another level of healing with an issue I have worked on many times in the past. She is great, plus being a wonderful spiritual teacher and practitioner. I have just completed my Level Two EFT training and am using it in my work with mental health clients. --- Albuquerque fan

Judy is brilliant helping clients transform troubling feeling states and limiting beliefs into a deep sense of peace and empowerment. Her extensive background using affirmative prayer combined with her well developed EFT skills, creativity, intuition, great sense of humor, and deep desire to help people make her a highly effective EFT Practitioner! I have had amazing shifts during sessions with Judy and have also observed her working with others in a group setting with amazing results. I recommend her highly. --- Joan

Our work yesterday was profound. Although now it seems so obvious, never before had I so clearly seen the links between some of my issues! Thank you so much Judy. Excellent work. The energy between my husband and I was appreciably different after my session with you.
I feel blessed.

I've known Judy for 3 years, and I am very impressed with her skills as a practitioner. She has such a gift with ferreting out the core issues or the original event that created the limiting belief that's being cleared. Her creativity in using phrases that cause a shift and helps you see a much more positive way of looking at the situation is simply amazing. I highly recommend Judy as a competent, caring and highly effective practitioner. - Elaine N

Like Judy, I'm an Advanced EFT practitioner. I met her at an Advanced EFT workshop with Rebecca Marina a couple of years ago and was immediately impressed with her dedication, enthusiasm and love for the developing field of EFT, healing and tapping, in general. I've enjoyed trading and receiving sessions from her. Judy is deeply concerned with the health and welfare of her clients. I am always well served by our sessions. If I have an life or emotional issue with which she might not be familiar, Judy demonstrates a willingness to explore unfamiliar territory with grace and humor. I highly recommend Judy to anyone wanting a compassionate, skilled and competent practitioner. Lucia August, psychotherapist

Judy is wonderfully intuitive and rock solid. Nothing you share with her will shake her. Her compassion and insight have been a blessing to me. --- Cathy

Judy was AMAZING for me!!!!!!! Immediately she went right to the root and I experienced UNBELEVABLE results in just our first session. She is miraculous in my opinion and I would refer everyone to her. She also did follow up with me, and was very faithful. EXTREMELY skilled. I love her!!!!!! --- Kelli

I have worked with Judy by phone and in person. She is intuitive, passionate about EFT, creative in her approach and highly effective. She is one of the most giving people I know and shares her gifts with others. As an EFT practitioner myself, she is one of the people I work with when I am having difficulty getting to my own issues. I highly recommend her. Mara

Marriage Intimacy Rekindled
I met Judy at an EFT workshop she was leading on the Law of Attraction. It was hard for me to get past the sentence, “I accept myself and all my emotions”.
    I told her I knew I would benefit from this technique but wished to meet her one-on-one. She was open to meeting me the next day and I had three main issues I wanted to try EFT with. I received a lot of clarity about two main issues, but it was the third issue that blew me away. I have been married for seven years (and was worried about that 7 year itch) – my husband and I live busy lives and don’t get much time alone. I wanted to see if Judy could assist me in bringing more intimacy into marriage. My husband and I had struggled with our communication and hence our sex life for over a year and had abstained for about 6 months. I wanted us to be closer and feel the love we had before we were married.
    Judy assisted me the EFT process with myself and then another round of surrogate EFT for my husband. It was all about love and healing. I wondered what would be in store for our relationship? I opened my heart and two days later, my husband and I were sharing feelings like never before and our desires for one another came pouring back in. We had the best love making ever – tears of joy rolled down our faces. We can’t get enough of each other these days. I’m glad I’m turning 40 soon and will be in my prime for intimacy – I think he’s glad he’s along for the ride too!
    Thank you Judy and for EFT for changing my life and clearing away any fears and doubts I had about my marriage – it is the best it has ever been.
--- Contributor’s name left anonymous by request

Anger, Fear, Betrayal and Upset
   I recently lost a contract with a 16 year old company that I had helped found. I am not a young man. This was caused by a new federal law which prohibited our business model.
   I was angry, afraid, and upset. I was experiencing feelings of betrayal, anxiety, and mistrust. I was a mess.
   After about three hours of sessions with Judy Whitcraft, I had my confidence back. I put all of the negatives behind me and am moving confidently towards a solid future, Everything is coming together beautifully. This will have been a blessing.
--- Gary

Chemo Aftereffects Relief
Before my last chemo session, Judy taught me EFT and worked with the fear I had of being sick after chemo. I also tapped on myself during the entire chemo session, and my after effects were so much lighter than I had ever experienced. I could actually sleep when I got home. And my energy returned in record time.
--- Carrie

Release of Major Resentment
At my wedding reception, my new husband spent all his time with his buddies, and I felt like he ignored me. I was so angry and hurt. I felt like that it should have been our special time. I really do love my husband, and I was happy that I married him, but I carried this anger and resentment about the reception around for over a year. My husband and I were fighting every day after our marriage. (which was a new development). The reception issue would always raise its ugly head during almost every argument.
   After I saw Judy, it was like magic. During my EFT session with Judy, I felt all the anger and resentment disappear. It felt good.
   And after I got home, the change in our interactions was a miracle. We hardly argue at all now, and the intensity when we do, is manageable. We have only had one argument in the last 6 months. The love and intimacy returned, and we now have a baby daughter. I am not sure she would have been conceived without my EFT session.
--- Anna

Fear of Needles/Medicine
After my 9 year old daughter came home from the hospital, recovering from a tick bite and acute renal failure, she was petrified to go to the doctor the next day, knowing they were going to draw blood AGAIN. After five days of having blood drawn daily she was terrified even when she saw the elastic strap that is tied around the arm before they draw blood. She also was throwing up her medicine, and was refusing to take it anymore. She was also lethargic, which was definitely not like her. Judy came to the house and did EFT with her. After less than an hour, my daughter’s color was back, she was bouncing around the house, and even ASKED to take her medicine (and kept the medicine down). The next day at the doctor’s office, my daughter calmly stuck her arm out (she even reached up and touched the elastic on her arm!!!), turned her head, and let the nurse draw blood.
Amazing, and appreciated more than Judy can possibly know!
--- Tasha

I am a member of The Gary Craig Optimal EFT Course: www.emofree.com.